Gigantic network of 12,000-year-old underground tunnels discovered in Europe

Gigantic network of 12,000-year-old underground tunnels discovered in Europe

Ancient underground chambers and tunnels are found throughout Europe, from Scotland, Germany, to Turkey. Is it a megakilometer underground network?

There are reports of a network of thousands of underground tunnels dating back to the Stone Age, 12,000 years ago. There is controversy in this because other reports date them back to 5,000 years ago and to the medieval era. Yes, there are tunnels in many countries in Europe and their purpose has been an enigma of history. A German archaeologist has concluded that they functioned as ancient roads to connect various ancient sites.

The German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch has investigated this underground topic in depth, and exposes it in his book Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World. He has discovered that humans from the Neolithic period dug tunnels in thousands of ancient European settlements.

Network of underground tunnels throughout Europe

In Germany and Austria, there are so-called “Erdstall tunnels”. The tunnels are small, measuring only 70 centimeters thick, but some lead to rooms and chambers. According to archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch, 700 meters of these constructions have been found in the state of Bavaria, Germany, and 350 meters in Austria.

Erdstall tunnels
Erdstall tunnels. Image credit:

Local farmers and builders are the ones who have found these intraterrestrial galleries the most. In the local vernacular they have been given names such as “Schrazelloch” (“goblin hole”) or “Alraunenhöhle” (“mandrake cave”). German legends say that they are the homes of goblins. In many places, the Catholic Church built chapels at the entrances, due to its connection with these legends and with the pagans.

Dr. Kusch is the one who has exposed that these tunnels are scattered throughout Europe, from Scotland to Turkey. The truth is that similar passages have been reported in other countries such as England, Spain and France. In Turkey also lies the famous ancient largest underground city in the world: Derinkuyu, in Cappadocia. Kusch said in a statement:

Across Europe, there were thousands of these tunnels, from northern Scotland to the Mediterranean. They are interspersed with nooks and crannies. In some places it is larger and there are seats or storage chambers and rooms. “Not all of them link together, but together it’s a massive underground network.”

Are they from 12,000 years ago? What were they built for?

Derinkuyu underground city. Left: a chapel. Right: a large hall. Image credit: Martijn Munneke / Martin Cígler / Wikimedia commons.

Something controversial is the dating: several passages have been dated to the medieval period. The impressive dating of 12,000 years ago, which is read on various web pages, is wrong, since Kusch’s theory says that they were built in the years 3000 BC. C. approximately. Although humans 12,000 years ago were not so primitive, this is evident in buildings such as Göbekli Tepe.

The objective to build this underground world is an enigma of history and archeology, but it is theorized that it was used as:

  • Types of underground roads to connect with other distant towns;
  • To protect against wars and invasions;
  • Escape routes;
  • To protect yourself from predatory animals;
  • Shelter for natural disasters such as cold waves;
  • Protect yourself from some global cataclysm (a type of Universal Flood, perhaps?);

For spiritual purposes, such as shamanic meditations, since a sensation of “peace” transmitted by the atmosphere of the tunnels is reported.

This topic is enigmatic and controversial, regarding these intraterrestrial passages that would extend throughout Europe. Heinrich Kusch concluded that they were excavated 5,000 years ago (not 12,000 years ago). He also stated that many of them are linked, although it has not been officially confirmed.

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