Nikola Tesla: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Nikola Tesla: The Man Who Fell to Earth

If there is a name that gets the most attention on the Internet, it is Nikola Tesla, respected by a new breed of young millennials, who celebrate the great inventor as a misunderstood hero, and ahead of his time.

This unexpected devotion results in hundreds of pages dedicated to perpetuating his legend, as well as a hub of incessant biographies, where scholars attempt to build a story still under construction. And is that Tesla represents a challenge, due to the existence of little consistent information, and almost always fought by controversy.

Today’s Nikola Tesla is the son of the most deeply rooted conspiracy, and that makes it difficult to develop his work without being caught in the dilemma that seems to surround him.

Nikola Tesla portrayed in 1898, holding one of his classic light bulbs in his hands.
Nikola Tesla portrayed in 1898, holding one of his classic light bulbs in his hands.

Taking this scenario into account, from this column we propose a journey towards his legacy, trying to avoid blind belief, and even less contemptuous skepticism. Hopefully we will make it.

Nikola Tesla – The Son of Lightning

Just before the Austro-Hungarian Empire began to decompose, in the Smiljan region of Lika county (present-day Croatia), on July 10th, 1856, Nikola Tesla came into the world. It is said that on the night of his birth a powerful storm raged in his hometown, interpreted as an omen, where lightning and thunder welcomed the man who would later be known for bending electricity.

Nikola Tesla still young
Nikola Tesla still young

His progenitors were Milutin Tesla (1819-1879), priest of the Orthodox Church, and Georgina Duka Tesla (1822-1892), who later we will see of fundamental influence on the young Tesla. When he was five years old, or six, as other biographers mark, Nikola suffers one of his first crises because of the death of Dane, one of his four brothers, while practicing horseback riding, a death witnessed by himself. This affected him in such a way that he began to have recurring visions.

Georgina Duka Tesla
Georgina Duka Tesla

Tesla tried to continue his studies in Prague, Czechoslovakia, enrolling in Charles University, but his funds quickly ran out, and he had to resign his place as a student; he had to work. He decided to move to Hungary, where in Budapest he was recruited by the Central Telegraph Office. Although he would spend a short time in this job, being extremely boring, his stay in that company would not be entirely useless, since it would earn him one of his first key inventions, the alternating current (AC) electric induction motor.

It is said that this idea arose while walking through a park in Budapest with a friend and colleague, Antal Szigety, who curiously recited a speech from Faust, the immortal work of the German writer, Goethe. Unexpectedly, a possessed Tesla had a vision that made him draw “a diagram in the sand”, an image fed by a vision of the sunset, that made him think that through the rotation of electromagnetic fields a new form of electric motor could be used. He would later say:

“I would give a thousand secrets of nature that I stumbled upon by accident, in exchange for this one, which I extracted from nature, despite all the miracles and dangers I faced.”

In 1882 he decided to move to Paris to continue advancing in his career, which was already generating rumors as an inventor of incomparable talent. Despite lacking a university degree, which he was unable to obtain, Tesla was considered a natural genius, and that earned him his entrance to the prestigious Continental Edison Company, a launching pad that would lead him to come into contact with the famous American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. When his path seemed to lead him towards a high destiny, a new crisis appeared in Tesla’s life, threatening to destroy him once again.

The War of the Currents

Two years after going through this traumatic experience, Tesla, settled in the United States, moved once again in search of opportunities and managed to obtain a letter of recommendation that will allow him to meet Thomas Alva Edison, a true superstar in the field of electrical invention. It is the year 1884. Tesla was waiting to meet Edison, but disappointment was soon born at the insolence of the American teacher, who, in his interview, pointed out that alternating current would never work, calling it dangerous and impossible.

Nikola Tesla in traditional Serbian costume
Nikola Tesla in traditional Serbian costume

But despite this initial suspicion, Edison decided to hire the young Tesla encouraging him to help him in “improving his dynamos and motors, of his direct current plants.” Both shared a passion for invention, hard work, and a desire to expand their vision, as well as being authentic self-taught, since neither Tesla nor Edison had a university degree, but that union was not destined to last.

Their opposing models collided, as well as the generation gap, they were two worlds in collision. Edison was unable to conceive of a mind like Tesla’s, who with its alternating current motor threatened his reign, as a “wizard of electricity.” The incipient dispute culminated in the resignation of Tesla, embittered by so much misunderstanding. This story also revealed Tesla’s inability to work as a team, performing better alone.

French sticker in tribute to Tesla
French sticker in tribute to Tesla

Years later, consulted in 1931 by The New York Times, asking for his opinion after Edison’s death, a still wounded Tesla recalling that fateful association would declaim:

“He had no hobbies, did not care about any kind of fun, and lived in utter disregard for elementary rules of hygiene. His method was extremely inefficient, since a huge field had to be covered to obtain anything, unless blind chance intervened and, at first, I was almost a sad witness of his actions, being that only a little theory and calculation would have saved 90 percent of the work. But he had a real disdain for books and mathematical knowledge, relying entirely on his inventive instincts and his American pragmatism.”

Tesla. The Mystery of the Ether, and Free Energy

A year before crossing the 20th century in 1899, Tesla began the first steps that would lead him towards the most important experiment of his life, which included working on powerful oscillators, in order to advance in his understanding, of “the electrical properties of the Earth, and the resonant frequency”.

That, in addition to the development of the transmission of messages through the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, also seeking to research the total domain of the electric force. Nevertheless, the idea had matured long before, as the 1896 article records.

Tesla on the cover of Electrical Experiment, which featured much of his work
Tesla on the cover of Electrical Experiment, which featured much of his work

As it is narrated in it, Tesla set out to establish an “experimental station, and carry out research in the incipient field of wireless telegraphy”, a mere screen as we will see later, hiding a greater aspiration. For this, he first decided to look for an area according to his wishes, where the earth’s energy would fluctuate without interference.

He decided on Denver, Colorado Springs, where he said he found favorable conditions to develop his project, as he noted:

“The area was ideal for conducting electrical experiments, as well as for observing the huge electrical storms in the region.” 

He also said:

“The conditions in the clean air of the mountains of Colorado were extremely favorable for my experiments, and the results were very gratifying for me.”

The area, it is worth saying, is the residence of a mountain baptized as Pike Pike, and here the reader must pay attention, the Pike is of sacred importance for the Hopi community , defined as “Spiritual Pole of the World”, a topic that we have been mentioning in many jobs. After conducting some experimental prospecting, Tesla decided to start his great work, but he understood that his funds would not be enough to finance the entire operation.

Amazingly, to his rescue would come the powerful financier JP Morgan, who became interested in his work after reading a publication about Tesla, where the scientist revealed that he wanted to create, “a global network of high voltage towers that could one day control time, transmit images wirelessly, and provide ubiquitous electricity through the atmosphere.”

Portada de la revista Time con Edison y Tesla en portada.
Portada de la revista Time con Edison y Tesla en portada.

Morgan, who also had a very compromised health, affected by cancer, imagined Tesla’s talent would serve in his search for a cure, in addition to prolonging his life, delaying old age. He also envisioned through Tesla, “capitalizing the future of wireless telegraphy.” In 1901, the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower began, choosing Long Island, southeastern New York as the site to carry out the task, and where Tesla bought a plot with its own savings, with the aim of installing its generating plant of energy, to power the future tower.

The first stumbling block happened months after the construction of the complex started, when a news item captured world’s attention with the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, as the first person in the world to implement a wireless telegraphic signal across the Atlantic Ocean. For Tesla it was a fatal blow, which would not only lead to a future legal dispute, accusing Marconi of pirating his patents, but also because his own project was involved in a monetary controversy, given the high costs required, greater than those by Marconi. When questioned about his spending, Tesla had to reveal the true motives for his goals.

Communication with Other Worlds

Sometimes, after completing his tasks in Colorado Springs, where he spent only nine months 1899-1900, and the first phase of his following project on Long Island, Tesla made in 1901 a series of disturbing statements, published in various media, announcing receiving cosmic signals that he believed from Mars. According to Tesla, he assured that while he was working in Colorado Springs carrying out his controversial investigations, that we remember include “using the Earth as a natural conductor, allowing the manipulation of electrical currents,” was when an event took place that the scientist qualified as of “supernatural order.”

The Tesla Laboratory in Colorado Springs, where he began his first surveys, on the establishment of a worldwide wireless network
The Tesla Laboratory in Colorado Springs, where he began his first surveys, on the establishment of a worldwide wireless network

Apparently, an unknown force would have affected his instruments, disturbances that he did not hesitate to affirm were caused by communications sent from other nearby planets. Although the transmitted signals were weak, he rejected they could be associated as terrestrial or solar origin, discarding in turn these transmissions were caused by currents, electricity, northern lights, or even atmospheric alterations. Tesla believed he was dealing with a manifested intelligence behind those communications. These statements caused his first bankruptcies, with a certain scientific sector that had been supporting him, later being ridiculed, affecting his credibility until then as a prominent inventor.

Some current scholars propose that the true cause of these strange disturbances was nothing less that the radio transmissions made by Marconi, although this statement in my opinion deserves to be disputed.

The Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla's most ambitious project, whose development was frustrated
The Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla’s most ambitious project, whose development was frustrated

An indisputable fact, and that should not be ruled out, even if it puts Tesla in trouble, is that in 1900 the Guzmán Prize was instituted in France, proposing 100,000 francs to all those who could demonstrate contact with an alien civilization except Mars (since it was believed it harbored no life). Although Tesla claimed the award for himself in the 1930s, it was never taken into account. Perhaps because of their belief in Mars as an inhabited planet? We ignore it. And in any case, can these strange statements by Tesla be attributed to his financial troubles?

Up to this point.


Our look at Tesla’s work and its achievements does not end with this article, it is impossible to reduce all its enigmas, but we do hope to deliver a broad screenshot that will serve as a future guide for readers.

Article published in 1901, where Tesla announced the detection of his mysterious signal
Article published in 1901, where Tesla announced the detection of his mysterious signal

To be continued.


Vril and Tesla

A story whose thread I was asked to add within this study is the supposed link that would have united Nikola Tesla with the famous Vril lady, María Orsic. Although it is impossible for me to unveil the whole plot of this story, since at the moment I am still writing my next book devoted to the Vril enigma, I can provide a piece of information to take into account. 

86 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Maximillien De Lafayette's controversial book Truth or Fiction? Soon we will reveal
86 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Maximillien De Lafayette’s controversial book Truth or Fiction? Soon we will reveal

All the information on this topic, which suggests a hidden correspondence between the two characters, so referenced on the Internet, leads to a single diffuser, an obscure scholar named Maximillien De Lafayette, a French aristocrat and supposed ufologist, with a recurring presence in the popular History Chanel program, Ancient Aliens. Notice our man is accused of fraud. For now, I will say no more.

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