The Lemurians, a lost civilization with modern vestiges

The Lemurians: a lost civilization with modern vestiges

More than 10,000 years ago, beings with a great intellectual capacity populated what we know today as the continents, which were a single land mass, or Pangaea. This civilization is known today as the Lemurians.

Anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and researchers of planet Earth and its inhabitants agree on one main idea: we are not the only civilization that has stepped this planet.

The Lemurians and the current evidence of their existence

The history of mankind is full of hundreds of mysteries, the edges of which are barely visible among the remains of cities and buildings. As some of these finds were unearthed, traces of a timeless civilization were found, or at least difficult to place within our history. These were the Lemurians, an ancient race that reached levels unknown to modern society.

Where did the idea of the existence of an ancient race known as the Lemurians come from? Well, apparently it all started with a classification of species published in 1864 by zoologist Philip Sclater. He called lemurs an unknown species whose fossils were found in Madagascar and India, but not in Africa or the Middle East.

The Lemurians and their alleged presence on Mount Shasta

Sclater assumed that, in the remote past, Madagascar and India had been part of the same, much larger continent. This assertion led to the discovery of the supercontinent Pangaea. Later, other academics continued the search for evidence confirming the existence of this race.

Mount Shasta. Public Domain

By 1899, Frederick Spencer Oliver published a book in which he claimed that the Lemurians still lived on the planet, specifically on Mount Shasta. In his book, detailed descriptions are made of this ancestral society, reorganized in a series of tunnels. Many locals claimed to have had more than one encounter with these mysterious beings.

The final point to give greater credibility to the story of the Lemurians, was set by Harvey Spencer Lewis, in 1931. In his book he spoke of a hidden civilization on Mount Shasta, known as the Lemurians. His book is considered the main reason why the legend of the Lemurians is widely known.

Eyewitness accounts added to the hype

As expected, it did not take long time to hear stories where it was said to have had encounters with Lemurians or mysterious beings on Mount Shasta. For example, by 1904, British researcher JC Brown claimed to have found a subway city on the mountain. According to him, the city was approximately 17 kilometers in size, and was filled with gold, shields and mummies.

Immediately, a team of about 80 people was organized to explore the mountain and confirm Brown’s findings. Everything was ready for the expedition, but on the morning of the scheduled day, JC Brown disappeared without a trace. The fascinating subway city he so enthusiastically described could never be found.

Beliefs of the existence of a modern Lemuria

The different and varied accounts that have been written about the Lemurian race describe them as a highly spiritual society. It is believed that they achieved a social and religious supremacy never seen before, leading their society to an era of modernism and indescribable peace. They shared the planet with another ancient race, widely recognized and studied: the Atlanteans.

Both civilizations coexisted and developed by leaps and bounds, but, as usual, unexpected things happened. According to the story, the Atlanteans were greedy beings, and their craving for power and supremacy led them to wage war with the Lemurians.

The latter, on the other hand, were not warriors and, foreseeing a global extinction, decided to destroy all evidence of both races. The war triggered the use of weapons and explosives that plunged the combatants into the sea, surviving only a lucky few.

Mount Shasta as the new home of the Lemurians

Today, many people firmly believe in the existence of mysterious beings on Mount Shasta. Individuals with a high spiritual development, with whom it is possible to communicate only by the way of the immaterial. Their advances and knowledge are only shared with those souls worthy of receiving such enlightenment.

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